Harrison Butker speech video commencement speech went viral

Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker delivered the 2024 commencement address at Benedictine College, a small Catholic school in Atchison, Kansas. His speech, which has garnered significant attention, was filled with controversial comments, leading to a viral response with over 80,000 views on YouTube.

Harrison Butker speech video: Butker’s Controversial Comments

During his address, Butker made headlines not just for his role on the field but for his outspoken views off it. He criticized LGBTQ+ Pride month and expressed disapproval of U.S. President Joe Biden’s policies, particularly around abortion rights. Butker described Biden as “delusional” for supporting abortion rights as a Catholic and denounced the concept of diversity, equity, and inclusion as a form of tyranny.

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Comments on Femininity and Masculinity

Butker’s speech also touched on gender roles, where he suggested that most female graduates might prioritize marriage and children over careers. He praised his wife’s role as a homemaker and urged male graduates to embrace their masculinity unapologetically.

Religion and Personal Beliefs

A devout Catholic, Butker has publicly supported traditional aspects of Catholicism, such as the Latin Mass. His religious beliefs deeply influence his public statements, including his opposition to abortion, which was evident during his visit to the White House with the Chiefs.

Butker’s Educational Background and Career

Before his professional career, Butker attended Georgia Tech, where he played college football. Originally drafted by the Panthers, he has since become a notable player for the Chiefs, achieving three Super Bowl victories.

Benedictine College: The Venue of the Speech

Benedictine College, where the speech took place, is known for its conservative values. It is a small Catholic liberal arts college located approximately an hour from Kansas City, with a strong religious presence on campus, including frequent Catholic Masses and active religious communities.

Additional Context: Taylor Swift Reference

In an interesting twist during his speech, Butker quoted Taylor Swift, relating the phrase “familiarity breeds contempt” to his views on religious figures maintaining too close a relationship with their parishioners.

Response and Future Implications

The response to Butker’s speech highlights the intersection of sports, personal beliefs, and public discourse. As the NFL season approaches and Butker likely returns to the White House, the dynamics of his public statements will continue to spark discussions and possibly influence his professional interactions.


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