Silver Lake State Park sand dunes accident, mother dies saving 2-year-old daughter

Step into the somber narrative unfolding at, where we unravel the poignant tale of the Silver Lake State Park sand dunes accident, showcasing a mother’s profound act of heroism as she tragically laid down her life to shield her 2-year-old daughter from harm’s way.

Tragedy Strikes at Silver Lake Sand Dunes

The tranquil beauty of Silver Lake State Park Sand Dunes was shattered on Sunday when a fatal accident claimed the life of a young woman. Around 11:37 a.m., tragedy unfolded in the midst of the “Drag Strip” area of the park, leaving a family shattered and a community in mourning.

Victim Identified: Kadie Price

The victim of this heart-wrenching incident has been identified as Kadie Price, a 33-year-old woman hailing from Pierson, Michigan. Kadie, along with her family, was enjoying a day out amidst the scenic dunes when the unthinkable occurred.

The Fateful Moment

According to the Oceana County Sheriff’s Office report, Kadie and her family were stationed outside their vehicle, eagerly observing the racing action at the Drag Strip. However, what began as a day of leisure quickly turned into a nightmare. A Jeep CJ, careening down the strip, lost control, hurtling towards the unsuspecting family.

A Mother’s Heroic Sacrifice

In the chaos that ensued, Kadie displayed unparalleled courage and maternal instinct. With split-second reflexes, she pushed her 2-year-old daughter out of harm’s way, shielding her from the impending danger. Tragically, Kadie found herself in the path of the out-of-control vehicle, struck by the very car she sought to protect her child from.

silver lake sand dunes accident
silver lake sand dunes accident

Community Efforts and Unfathomable Loss

Amidst the chaos, bystanders, along with Oceana County Deputies, Silver Lake State Park Rangers, and emergency personnel, rallied to Kadie’s aid. Despite their valiant efforts, the injuries sustained proved fatal, robbing the world of a beloved daughter, mother, and friend.

Calls for Support and Justice

As the community grapples with the enormity of this loss, thoughts and prayers pour forth for the Price family. In the wake of this tragedy, the Oceana County Sheriff’s Office is diligently conducting an investigation. The driver of the Jeep, a 64-year-old Michigan man, remains unnamed as the investigation unfolds, awaiting further scrutiny.

Conclusion: A Community United in Grief

The events at Silver Lake Sand Dunes serve as a sobering reminder of life’s fragility and the unforeseen dangers that can lurk in moments of leisure. As the community mourns the loss of Kadie Price, her selfless act of heroism in the face of adversity will forever be etched in the annals of Silver Lake’s history.


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