Qatar flight turbulence: 12 people injured after Qatar Airways plane hits turbulence

Welcome to, your premier source for international news and global issues. In our latest article, we delve into a notable incident involving Qatar Airways, as their flight from Doha to Dublin encountered engine trouble mid-flight. Join us as we explore the details of the incident and its aftermath, with 12 individuals injured following the aircraft’s encounter with a turbulent storm posing significant risks.

Turbulence Strikes Qatar Airways Flight QR017

Twelve people sustained injuries during a Qatar Airways flight from Doha to Dublin on Sunday when the aircraft encountered turbulence. The incident occurred while the plane was flying over Turkey. Upon its safe landing in Dublin, emergency services, including airport police and the fire and rescue department, were deployed to assist the injured passengers and crew.

Response and Investigation

Dublin Airport promptly provided assistance to passengers and staff, assuring that operations remained unaffected. While eight individuals required hospitalization, all passengers were assessed for injuries onboard. Qatar Airways confirmed the incident, stating that both passengers and crew sustained minor injuries. The airline emphasized that the safety and security of its passengers and crew are its foremost concerns and initiated an internal investigation into the matter.

Qatar flight turbulence: 12 people injured after Qatar Airways plane hits turbulence
Qatar flight turbulence: 12 people injured after Qatar Airways plane hits turbulence

Global Concerns Surrounding Turbulence

This occurrence comes on the heels of a similar incident involving Singapore Airlines, where severe turbulence resulted in injuries to passengers and, tragically, the death of one individual. As such events garner attention, questions arise regarding the frequency and severity of turbulence, particularly in light of potential climate change impacts.

The Climate Change Connection

Experts suggest a plausible link between climate change and the escalation of turbulence incidents. Atmospheric science professor Paul Williams from the University of Reading indicates that climate change could lead to a doubling or even tripling of severe turbulence occurrences in the future. This unsettling projection underscores the urgent need for further research and mitigation strategies within the aviation industry.


While turbulence-related incidents remain relatively rare, the recent events highlight the significance of understanding and addressing the challenges posed by changing atmospheric conditions. As investigations continue, the aviation sector must prioritize safety measures to ensure the well-being of passengers and crew amidst evolving flying conditions.


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