Pondok sidogiri, Kecelakaan kereta api hari ini sidogiri

Mobil Kijang LGX mengangkut rombongan Nyai Ponpes Sidogiri tertabrak Kereta Api (KA) Pandalungan di Desa Patuguran, Rejoso, Pasuruan. Kecelakaan ini menyebabkan empat korban meninggal dunia.

Details of the Accident: Kecelakaan kereta api hari ini sidogiri

Description of the accident scene

The tragic incident unfolded in Desa Patuguran, Rejoso, Pasuruan, marking a somber Tuesday, 7 May 2024.

At the heart of the chaos was a Mobil Kijang LGX, ferrying a group of passengers from the revered Nyai Ponpes Sidogiri.

Circumstances leading to the accident

Despite repeated warnings from locals and volunteers stationed at the railway crossing, the driver of the Mobil Kijang LGX proceeded, oblivious to the impending danger.

Impact of the collision

The collision resulted in catastrophic damage to the Mobil Kijang LGX, rendering it unrecognizable.
Witnesses report the train dragging the vehicle for a chilling distance of over 150 meters before coming to a halt.


The immediate aftermath saw the heartbreaking loss of revered figures: Bu Nyai Sidogiri Hj Munjiah (62), Aidah (60), and Alwiyah (55).

Tragically, Maslahah (60) succumbed to injuries during medical treatment at RSUD dr R Soedarsono Kota Pasuruan.

Additionally, the driver and two other passengers sustained injuries, adding to the grim toll of the accident.

Watch video Kecelakaan kereta api hari ini sidogiri

Kecelakaan Kereta Api & Mobil yang Membawa Keluarga Besar Ponpes Sidogiri, Sempat Terseret 200 Meter

III. Response and Aftermath “Kecelakaan kereta api hari ini sidogiri”

Local reactions

Eyewitness testimonies weave a narrative of the catastrophe that befell Desa Patuguran, Rejoso, Pasuruan, on this tragic Tuesday, 7 May 2024.

Despite valiant attempts to avert disaster, the Mobil Kijang LGX, ferrying passengers from Nyai Ponpes Sidogiri, found itself ensnared in a calamitous collision at the railway crossing.

Emergency response

In the aftermath’s chaotic aftermath, emergency responders sprang into action, swiftly transporting the injured to medical facilities in a bid to stem the tide of suffering caused by the collision.

The ongoing medical treatment of the wounded remains a beacon of hope amid the gloom, as healthcare professionals work tirelessly to stabilize their conditions and offer solace in the face of tragedy.

Investigations and legal proceedings

With meticulous precision, investigators delve into the sequence of events preceding the collision, seeking answers to the haunting question of how this grievous incident transpired.

As the wheels of justice turn, scrutiny falls upon the driver and pertinent authorities, underscoring the imperative of accountability and the urgent need for measures to prevent such heart-wrenching tragedies from recu


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