Joe Kinnear has died, aged 77: Former Ireland international and Wimbledon manager

In the article on, we regret to announce the passing of Joe Kinnear, former Ireland international and manager of Wimbledon, at the age of 77. Joe Kinnear was a familiar name in the football world, having had a diverse career spanning from player to coach. Let’s take a brief look at his life and career in football.

I. Early Life and Career of Joe Kinnear

Born in Dublin in 1946, Joe Kinnear has died, leaving behind a legacy that spans generations. Moving to Watford, England at a young age, Kinnear’s passion for football ignited early on.

Joe Kinnear: Former Wimbledon And Newcastle Manager Dies Aged 77
Joe Kinnear: Former Wimbledon And Newcastle Manager Dies Aged 77

His notable playing career at Tottenham Hotspur commenced when he joined as an amateur in 1963, later turning professional in 1965. Kinnear, who has died, made significant contributions to Tottenham’s success, including securing titles such as the FA Cup in 1967, the UEFA Cup in 1972, and the League Cup in both 1971 and 1973. With more than 250 appearances for the club, his impact was undeniable.

Achievements with Tottenham:

FA Cup (1967)
UEFA Cup (1972)
League Cup (1971, 1973)
More than 250 appearances for the club

Internationally, Joe Kinnear, who has passed away, proudly represented Ireland, earning 26 caps between 1967 and 1975.

II. Managerial Career of Joe Kinnear

Coaching Career in Asia

After hanging up his boots, Kinnear ventured into coaching, making significant contributions in Asia. His journey took him through various countries including the United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, India, and Nepal, where he honed his managerial skills and left a lasting impact.

Managerial Stints in England

Returning to England, Kinnear embarked on managerial roles that further solidified his standing in the football world.

Assistant to Dave Mackay at Doncaster
Transitioning into management, Kinnear started as an assistant to Dave Mackay at Doncaster, laying the groundwork for his future success.

Wimbledon Boss in 1992
In 1992, Joe Kinnear, who has passed away, took the helm at Wimbledon, steering the team through remarkable achievements and challenges.

Achievements with Wimbledon:

Notably, under Kinnear’s leadership, Wimbledon secured a commendable sixth-placed finish in the top flight during the 1993-94 season.

Additionally, the team reached the semi-finals of both the FA Cup and the League Cup in 1997, showcasing Kinnear’s tactical acumen and leadership.

However, his tenure was marred by health issues, and Kinnear, who has died, made the difficult decision to step down in June 1999 after suffering a heart attack.

Managerial Roles at Luton Town, Nottingham Forest, and Newcastle United

Despite the setbacks, Kinnear’s managerial journey continued with stints at Luton Town, Nottingham Forest, and Newcastle United, where he left an indelible mark on each club he served.

III. Health Issues of Joe Kinnear and Tributes

Health Struggles

Throughout his life, Kinnear battled various health issues, demonstrating his strength and determination.

Dementia Diagnosis

In 2015, Joe Kinnear, who has passed away, was diagnosed with dementia, a condition that undoubtedly presented significant challenges for both him and his loved ones.

Heart Attack
Kinnear faced a critical health scare in March 1999 when he suffered a heart attack. This event marked a turning point in his life and career, highlighting the fragility of health even in the midst of success.

Heart Bypass Operation
In 2009, Joe Kinnear, who has died, underwent a heart bypass operation, further underscoring the health battles he endured throughout his lifetime.

Tributes from the Football Community when Joe Kinnear has died

Following the news of Kinnear’s passing, tributes poured in from the football community, commemorating his contributions and character.

AFC Wimbledon Tribute
AFC Wimbledon, a club close to Kinnear’s heart, hailed him as a “true legend,” reflecting the profound impact he had on the team and its supporters.

Condolences and Memories
Players, coaches, and fans alike united in offering condolences and sharing cherished memories of Kinnear. From his achievements on the field to his influence off it, the outpouring of tributes spoke volumes about the respect and admiration he commanded throughout his career.

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